The use of the seeds was not new to Nazlı and Zeynep. Their deep love and admiration for the Mediterranean and its crops have always been a part of their lives, making them used to its benefits. But to discover beyond the familiar was surely a journey that transformed them, as it led to the inception of NUKLA.
NUKLA was born from passion, dedication, and transformation: A natural mind and body rejuvenation with the help of technology.
After their careers took off, they returned to nature in time, which led them to grow a passion for natural skincare and get trained on the subject. Thus the two friends realized there is more to natural skincare than meets the eye:
An ode to nature and respect for its abundance.
This newfound awareness guided them to research alternative ways to capture the gifts of nature. It was the result of these explorations that they learned about the fascinating benefits of the seeds that go beyond anything they have known. Commonly considered the waste of fruits and vegetables, seeds are immense sources of vitamins and minerals. Their extensive research showed that the best technique to capture most of these vitamins and minerals is the SUPERCRITICAL CO₂ METHOD: A very advanced and rarely used technology. The more they learned, the more they realized this is the only extraction method worthy of the seeds.
Being entrepreneurs at heart, the two got together to devote themselves to creating a skincare line so pure that it is food-grade.
A couple of trained eyes for everything beautiful show themselves in every inch of NUKLA, from the impeccable details to the ideation of the most naturally beneficial products and the selection of NUKLA’s privileged ingredients. The burning desire to create beneficial and eminent skincare products is the irrepressible drive behind the entrepreneurship in NUKLA’s development.
Combining the best traits of these two women, NUKLA is more than a skincare line; It is a way of life that is meaningful and whole.